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Courser Bee Honey

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Courser Bee Honey
BotW Courser Bee Honey Model.png

Courser Bee Honey are items in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]

Location and Uses

Courser Bee Honey resemble beehives, and can be found on various Trees in Hyrule which resemble Apple trees, but bear no fruit. It can be found in various regions, but appear a fair bit in places such as Necluda, with 3 being found directly next to Dr Calip's House. When cooked they provide Link with stamina recovery Food. Each bit is guarded by a swarm of courser bees who will do a quarter Heart damage and take two hits to scare off. The bees can be targeted, but don't appear in the Hyrule Compendium.

Hyrule Compendium Entry

197 (202) Courser Bee Honey
BotW Hyrule Compendium Courser Bee Honey.png
Honey straight from the hive is chock-full of nutrients. Cooking this into a meal unlocks the potential of these nutrients and provides a stamina-recovery effect.
Common Locations
Hyrule Field
Tabantha Frontier
Hearts Recovered
BotW Heart Icon.pngBotW Heart Icon.png
Cooking Effects
Stamina Recovery