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BotW Cottla Model.png
Race Sheikah
Gender Female
Family Dorian (father)[1]
Unnamed mother (deceased)[2]
Koko (sister)[3]

Cottla is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Cottla is a little girl residing in Kakariko Village with her sister Koko and their father Dorian. Cottla and her sister Koko wake up at 5 o'clock with Cottla claiming her mother is hiding.[4] Link can ask her if she'd like to play, but she will refuse at this time, claiming that she and her mother are already in the middle of a game.[5] She will then head up to the Ta'loh Naeg Shrine to search for the "hiding" woman.[6] By 8 o'clock, Cottla gives up and goes to meet with the rest of her family.[7]

At 8:30 in the morning, Cottla will sit at the base of a Tree near a fork in the road, wondering if her other family members will come by.[8] At around 9 o'clock, Koko will join her. After Link speaks with Impa for the first time, Dorian will also be quick to join them. When 11 o'clock rolls by, the girls will get up and go their separate ways, running through the Village as Dorian returns to work. If Link speaks to her while she is scampering about, she'll declare that she's bored.[9] Should he immediately say goodbye, she will be disappointed.[10]

If Link asks her if she'd like to play with him, she will be excited at once, causing her to ask what he would like to play.[11] For games, Link can choose between Tag or Hide-and-seek. Choosing Tag excites Cottla further and she begins to run in place.[12] Choosing Hide-and-seek makes Cottla declare that she will hide while Link seeks her.[13] She is ready to have fun, but lets Link know that they will have to stop the game at dinnertime.[14] Selecting a game and agreeing to play begins the "Playtime with Cottla" Side Quest. Once the Side Quest is over, Cottla will still want to play if Link asks her and they can do it as many times as he likes, as long as it is during the day.

At around 4:30, Cottla will head down to the kitchen area where Koko has been Cooking, sitting at one of the tables.[15] She is incredibly hungry by now and impatiently waits for the food to be ready.[16] Link can still ask if she would like to play, but she is too focused on dinner to want to.[17] 7 o'clock is when both Cottla and her sister Koko head home for the night.[18] When asleep, Cottla is dreaming about her parents.[19][20]

Even in the Rain, Cottla can be found running about.[21]


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