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Cooking Pot

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Cooking Pot
BotW Link Cooking.jpg
Link using a Cooking Pot
Use(s) Combining Materials and turning them into Food

Cooking Pots are interactive objects found throughout Hyrule in Breath of the Wild. They allow for the most effective method of Cooking in that they provide Link with a means to combine various Materials.

Location and Uses

Cooking Pots are crude stone cookware that rest on a metallic base over a Campfire. They allow Link to Cook more complex recipes than with a simple Campfire as they can hold up to five Materials. Combining Materials will produce more elaborate Food, which in turn can grant superior effects when consumed, such as any possible combination of greater health restoration, additional Hearts and supplementary status effects. Mixing incompatible ingredients will yield failed Foods, such as Dubious Food or Failed Experiments.

Link is capable of Sitting at Cooking Pots to pass time to Morning, Noon or Night.[1] Cooking Pots tend to be active, though inactive Cooking Pots may appear, requiring Link to ignite the Wood beneath to use them. Cooking Pots exposed to Rain are rendered unusable until it stops. When in proximity to active Cooking Pots, Link's Temperature will increase slightly.

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Cooking Pot Locations
Region Location
Akkala In the East Akkala Stable
Akkala In the South Akkala Stable
Central Hyrule In the Wetland Stable
Central Hyrule In the Riverside Stable
Central Hyrule In the Outskirt Stable
Central Hyrule In Hyrule Castle, walk into the castle from the Guard's Chamber, and keep going left
Eldin In the Foothill Stable
Eldin In Goron City
Eldin In the Great Hyrule Forest inside the Great Deku Tree
Eldin In the Woodland Stable
Faron In the Lakeside Stable
Faron In Lurelin Village
Faron In Highland Stable
Gerudo In Gerudo Town
Gerudo In the Southern Oasis
Gerudo In the Kara Kara Bazaar
Gerudo In the Gerudo Canyon Stable
Gerudo Along Gerudo Canyon Pass leading into Gerudo, toward Gerudo Canyon Stable
Great Plateau In front of the Woodcutter's House
Great Plateau In the Forest of Spirits, near a campfire and part of a ruined stone wall
Great Plateau Outside the ruined house near the River of the Dead
Great Plateau Around the Bokoblin encampment where the River of the Dead falls off the Great Plateau
Hebra In Rito Village
Hebra In the Rito Stable
Hebra In The Flight Range pavillion at Dronoc's Pass
Hebra Inside the house at Selmie's Spot
Hebra In the Snowfield Stable
Hebra In the Tabatha Bridge Stable
Hebra In the Serenne Stable
Lanayru In Zora's Domain
Necluda In Kakariko Village
Necluda In Hateno Village
Necluda In the Dueling Peaks Stable


Video Gallery

Cooking trailer


  1. "You can pass time by the fire..." — N/A (Breath of the Wild)