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Complimentary ID

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Complimentary ID
TWW Complimentary ID Model.png
The Complimentary ID, as seen in-game.
30 Points (TWW)[1][2]
Receiving a verbal compliment from Beedle which heals Link

The Complimentary ID is an item in The Wind Waker.[3]

Location and Uses

The Complimentary ID can be given to Beedle in exchange for a verbal compliment which also heals Link. Beedle will send the Complimentary ID attached to a Letter in any Postbox once Link has accumulated 30 points on his membership card for Beedle's Shop Ship.


  1. "Notice to Silver Membership Holders:

    Thank you for your frequent patronage of Beedle Shop Ships.

    Since you have earned 30 points, you have been granted Silver Membership. All silver Membership holders receive a special gift of one Complimentary ID.

    It is valid at all Beedle Shop Ships, so bring it to a Shop Ship near you.

    I look forward to your future patronage.
    " — Letter (The Wind Waker HD)
  2. "You got the Complimentary ID! Who knows what this is, but apparently you should take it to Beedle... Keep it in your Delivery Bag for now." — N/A (The Wind Waker HD)
  3. Encyclopedia (Dark Horse Books), pg. 120 (TWW)