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Complimentary ID

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Complimentary ID
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Main appearance(s)
30 Points (TWW)[1]
Receiving a compliment from Beedle

The Complimentary ID,(TWW)[2] also known as the Compliment Card,[2] is a recurring item in The Legend of Zelda series.

Location and Uses

The Wind Waker

The Complimentary ID can be given to Beedle in exchange for a verbal compliment which fills Link's Life Energy.[2] Beedle will send the Complimentary ID attached to a Letter in any Postbox once Link has accumulated 30 points on his membership card for Beedle's Shop Ship.

Phantom Hourglass


  1. "Notice to Silver Membership Holders:

    Thank you for your frequent patronage of Beedle Shop Ships.

    Since you have earned 30 points, you have been granted Silver Membership. All silver Membership holders receive a special gift of one Complimentary ID.

    It is valid at all Beedle Shop Ships, so bring it to a Shop Ship near you.

    I look forward to your future patronage.
    " — Letter (The Wind Waker HD)
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