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Zelda Katsu
Location(s)Zelda Legends
Objective(s)Provide canon resources for theorizing
Leader(s)Mohammed Ali (founder)

Zelda Katsu was a team of writers and theorists, originally formed in the forums of Zelda Legends to gather and construct theorizing resources for the Zelda community to enjoy. As of early 2008 all of Zelda Katsu's material has been made available on ZeldaInformer. The group shortly fell into inactivity and hasn't released new material since 2008. In 2010, ZeldaInformer released a new group, called Zelda Historians, who have taken up the spirit of what Katsu failed to achieve.

The aim of Zelda Katsu was to act as a group open to exploring all aspects of the Zelda mythos. The main area the group was interested in was the Zelda storyline. To this end, Zelda Katsu has created a reference guide on the numerous games.


The guides and content created by the group are presented fully coded and formatted to make them as accessible and approachable as possible. Instead of the traditional giant wall of text layout, the material is often divided into sections and given a table of contents to ease the browsing. These are necessary due to the lengthy nature of most guides. The guides also include colors and images unlike their old school counterparts.[1]


Zelda Katsu was originally founded by Mohammed Ali. The collaboration between Katsu and ZeldaInformer began when ZeldaInformer webmaster Uncle Meat contacted Mohammed Ali and suggested combining the efforts of The Bombers and Zelda Katsu. It was soon agreed that the project would be hosted by ZeldaInformer and together they began work on the project.

The Team

The contributors to Zelda Katsu included the founder Mohammed Ali, Duke Serkol, Uncle Meat, Jumbie, Arturo, TML, SOAP, Artorium, Alx and Raian.