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Community:Zelda Historians

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Zelda Historians
Zelda Historians Logo.png
Objective(s)Provide theorists with canon resources
Supersede Zelda Katsu
HeadquartersZelda Informer Forums
Leader(s)LOZ Historian (founder)
Erimgard (co-founder)

Zelda Historians is a group of theorists founded in 2010 who operate out of the website ZeldaInformer. The group was established by LOZ Historian, a veteran member of the Zelda theorizing community, and co-founded by Erimgard, a renown theorist and Bomber at Zelda Informer. Zelda Historians serves as the replacement for the now extinct Zelda Katsu project, with a similar aim of gathering canonical resources from the Zelda Universe. The project underwent an extensive year-planning period on the staff boards of ZeldaInformer and was finally launched on the 4th of January 2010.

The project is co-ordinated at a public forum on the ZeldaInformer community boards. Its goal is to provide theorists with a range of canon resources for the formulation of accurate and evidenced theories, as it was due to the commonness of badly researched theories that the group was spawned. It is a mission to help theorists, both old and new, to accuracy.

In its wake, Zelda Historians released thousands of screenshots taken from all of the games in the series, organized English and Japanese Text Dumps, Japanese translations, manual scans, a list of Zelda developers, a developers quote guide, a symbols guide and a library of cutscenes. There were plans for many more projects; however due to the founder's past reputation certain staff members thought he was not the right person to moderate Zelda Historians - or any other future related Zelda Theorizing matters - and thus resulted in his departure from the internet soon after the project's launch. With his second major defeat in the Zelda Theorizing community, LOZ Historian had not been seen or heard of since -(until resurfacing again to aid the project from within the private boards of the project).

Some months after the founder's humiliation, the co-founder took leave from the internet because of personal matters. Due to these events there had been a decline in enthusiasm in furthering what was once considered a potential project. However another veteran theorist, Pinecove, took up the responsibility to move the project forward. Unfortunately due to ZI staff miscommunication, or lack of communication, not much progress was made because the webmaster gradually moved to a 'hands off policy' allowing ZH staff to run themselves. Their were plans for a Zelda Historian's Wiki, which would have moved the project further as a community-based project rather than a ZI exclusive one. Yet their were disagreements between the founders and other members over whether to move the projects efforts away from ZI's main site or not. Discussion on the matter halted production on one of ZH's main projects, Excerpts of Mudora, when the founder yet again vanished due to a tight work schedule and lack of personal time for other things which didn't concern ZH.