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Community:Zelda Dimension

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Zelda Dimension
Henry, Mystic_Faerie
Henry, Mystic_Faerie

Zelda Dimension is a now-closed Legend of Zelda fan website. Prior to the closure, Zelda Dimension was a well-known member of the community that had a very active forum. The forum was a recipient of Exploding Deku Nut's Golden Light Arrow award[1]. It is an award that is given to the site with the most lively and fun-loving community.

It was believed to have started in 2002, and its early design (based on Zelda Domain's) is still online.[2] There were several openings and closings, as well as transfers to different hosts. Eventually, Zelda Dimension picked up a co-owner, Mystic_Faerie, who happened to be Henry's girlfriend.

The closure of the site came in March, 2008, just shortly after winning the Golden Light Award. The cause of the site closing was due to a malicious user and a database that turned out to be corrupted. None of the forums' backups contained the complete SQL needed to fix the damage, which forced Mystic_Faerie and Henry to close the site for good.


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