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Darth Citrus
Release Date(s)
2005 / May 1st, 2008

ZeldaBlog is an award-winning website[1] dedicated to the world of blogging. It is currently a collaborated project run by numerous webmasters of Zelda sites. The project ringleader is Darth Citrus, webmaster of Exploding Deku Nut.


The site surfaced on the internet back in 2005, originally created by The Missing Link (TML), webmaster of a now inactive Zelda website, The Grand Adventures. In 2006, the site was shut down due to a lack of activity. Recently, however, on May 1st, 2008, there was a consensus within the community of Zelda site Webmasters to resurrect the site, and for a time it was reincarnated and hosted by LoZ.com. However, due to server issues that arose at LoZ.com, eventually leading to the entire server to be taken offline for three weeks, ZeldaBlog went offline, and it is currently still offline.