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Zelda.com is the official Zelda site, owned by Nintendo and designed/run by POP. Zelda.com operates as a hub for all official Zelda information, evidenced by the extensive encyclopedia, image gallery, and other features showcased on the site's main page. In recent years, the encyclopedia glossary in particular has received negative criticism from fans pertaining to fabricated statements and/or unsound definitions that contradict in-game evidence and official releases, such as artwork or game manuals.

Bad reputation amongst fans

Although it contained useful walkthroughs for some Zelda games, Zelda.com was also more widely known to be a poor resource of Zelda information, often mixing canon with fanfiction and providing statements that contradict the games. According to Zelda.com:

  • Agahnim imprisoned sages. In reality, he actually imprisoned the maiden descendants of sages.[1]
  • Agahnim's magic broke the Seal on the Sacred Realm when it was in fact his imprisonment of the maidens that did so.[1]
  • The power of the seven crystals in A Link to the Past were needed to break the barrier around Ganon's tower. The crystals held no such power, and were simply used as holding cells for the imprisoned maidens.[2]
  • The Bombers have nothing better to do than cause trouble and goof around. In-game evidence shows that while the Bombers did lounge around, they did spend a good portion of their time helping people.[3]
  • The Carnival of Time is celebrated to pay tribute to the importance of life. Majora's Mask only states that the celebration is in honor of the alignment of the sun and the moon.[4]
  • Ganon escapes the Sacred Realm on multiple occasions, and each time is re-sealed by Link and the Seven Sages. Evidential statements and in-game proof show that Ganon was only sealed by Seven Sages on one occasion.[7]
  • Ganondorf was the only male ever "allowed in" to Gerudo clan, as opposed to one male being born every 100 years from within the society.[8]
  • Gleeok is a two-headed dragon, though while this is true in some iterations, in several cases, it has three or more.[9]
  • Gohdan is described by the Encyclopedia as "a mysterious creature"[10], when Gohdan is actually a robot, and is described in The Wind Waker as a machine.
  • The Golden Land was forever changed into the Dark World because of Ganon. It was not forever changed, because Link turned it “Golden” again in A Link to the Past.[11]
  • Gomess was once a powerful vampire. His origins or identity are not given in-game. [12]
  • The Wind Waker Link's grandma gave him his tunic to help him on his journey. It was actually given to him in tradition, and unrelated to his journey. The reasoning concerned Link’s coming of age.[13]
  • Koholint Island is off the coast of Eastern Hyrule in the Great Sea. Japanese text refers to Koholint as a "southern" island, and there is never any canonical mention of any such connection to The Wind Waker’s Great Sea, if any.[15]
  • Koholint Island is a real location, whereas Link's Awakening revealed it to be a dream world in the ending.[16]
  • The creator of the Link Doll in The Adventure of Link was friends with the Hero of Time.[17]
  • The "magic shield" and "magic sword" from The Adventure of Link is the Mirror Shield and Master Sword. However, there is no proof in the games of this claim.[18]
  • Medli was a Rito Princess. In reality, she was just an apprentice to Valoo. Komali is the Prince of the Rito, and the only such Rito royalty designated in The Wind Waker.[19]
  • "Megaton" is a brand name of hammers in Hyrule. However it is the name of a legendary hammer used by a Goron hero, with no in-game evidence that the Megaton name is that of a company.[20]
  • ‘’Majora's Mask’’ is sequentially connected to ‘’A Link to the Past’’. [21]
  • Saria is an "elfin child of the Kokiri Forest". Kokiri are spirits, not elves.[22]
  • The creation of Termina, which is a topic never explored in ‘’Majora’s Mask’’, is easily explained as an oversight of the Goddesses. [23]
  • The Tingle tower in The Wind Waker was created to humor weary travelers.[24]
  • The enemy-type Zora is the same as the "Zola", and are violent female Zora. Oracle of Ages says they are not related.[25]
  • The Goddesses’ blessing Zora's Domain was enough to bring about the Zora race. There is no evidence to support this, series-wide.[26]
  • Link is a singular entity. Zelda.com attributes the deeds of both the Link of Majora's Mask and Link's Awakening to the same character. In reality, the games confirm that multiple Links exist, and that the Links of Majora's Mask and Link's Awakening are separate characters according to the timeline.[27]
  • The Hyrule Encyclopedia states that the Hero's Clothes are "the traditional garb of boys 12 and older on Outset Island."[28] However, Link in The Wind Waker was 9, not 12, as evidenced by new official information,[29] and because of in-game information.[30]

Lack of Updating

  • Beginning on September 14th, 2007, links supposedly pointing to Twilight Princess sections of the site instead directed users to The Minish Cap section of the website.
  • Even into August of 2009, the Zelda.com website still featured a Phantom Hourglass Countdown Widget, which was first put online on September 14th, 2007 to lead up to the release of Phantom Hourglass, which was released October 1st, 2007, two years prior. While the site was updated to include information on Spirit Tracks in November 2009, the encyclopedia section remains out-of-date, ignoring information from all newer games after The Minish Cap such as Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass while retaining the many inconsistencies enumerated above.

Sub sites

Zelda.com also contains sub sites. These are pages focused on one game, including sites catered to Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and Skyward Sword.



  • Before Nintendo bought and first used the domain on April 29, 1999, Zelda.com used to be an adult content website.[31]

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