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Community:Wii Zelda

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Wii Zelda
Wz screenshot.png
Release Date(s)
June 2010

Wii Zelda is an award-winning[1] Legend of Zelda fansite, created in June 2010 by Kerny.


Wii Zelda was first conceived in 2008, although at the time the site was nameless. During 2008 Kerny wrote some of the site's content, but the site never went online and the project was put on hold. Around May 2010 the project was revived under the name 'Wii Zelda' and a month later Kerny put the site online for the first time. The site's layout has changed three times.


The site contains plenty of guides, cheats, and all the latest information on Skyward Sword. Wii Zelda also has a developing multimedia section where you can download hundreds of Zelda MP3 music files, banners, icons, and more. Miscellaneous Legend of Zelda information is another prominent feature of the site. Viewers can find out about the old Legend of Zelda cartoons, Zelda commercials, the CD-I games, and so on. Wii Zelda also features a host of interactive content including puzzles and quizzes.

Minecraft Server

Wii Zelda runs its own Minecraft server, which anyone is free to join and build in. There are some impressive Zelda-themed buildings and pixel arts on the server. The server is currently a classic mode server, but there are plans to run a beta server as well.

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