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Community:The Sacred Realm

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The Sacred Realm
Release Date(s)
Merged with Zelda Universe

The Sacred Realm was an award-winning Zelda fan site known for its wide selection of articles, franchise-wide multimedia, and fanon. Founded by Lysia in 2001, The Sacred Realm enjoyed ten years of forum activity and community-wide acclaim up until its merger with Zelda Universe in 2011.


Name Changes

The site launched on November 20, 2001 with the title The Legend of Zelda: Lysia's Website but was soon re-named The Legend. At the beginning of 2005, the title was changed to Legends and Adventure, and underwent one final name change in April 2009 to The Sacred Realm, a name it held onto for the remainder of its stay in the Zelda community. The site's most popular and award-winning forums, "Legends Place", was established in 2004, however, the site also had a couple of free-hosted boards earlier in its history.

Era of Interactivity

In late 2005, Lysia was contacted by the director of an independent Zelda film called The Hero of Time to see if it would be possible to showcase the film on the site. A series of pages were set up for the movie, and The Sacred Realm became the official site for the movie and its progress updates until late 2008, when nearing release, an official site for the film was created. The Sacred Realm continued to host the official discussion board for the film after its release.

From 2008 onwards, The Sacred Realm hosted an annual Zelda fan fiction contest in the middle of the year. Entries were in the form of short stories, and the top three entries, as decided by a panel of three judges, were awarded prizes.

On May 4th, 2009, The Sacred Realm joined the Zelda Wiki collaboration project and became one of its Masterminds.

Dissolution and Merger

In June 2011, The Sacred Realm merged with Zelda Universe. The site had fallen under an extended period of inactivity, and Zelda Universe was looking for a new webmaster. [1][2] Because Zelda Universe is the founding Mastermind of Zelda Wiki, Lysia was retained as a Bureaucrat, and was promoted to Webmaster over at Zelda Universe. The integration of The Sacred Realm's forums and fan works into the Zelda Universe community was completed in 2011, as well.



Fellow community fan site, Exploding Deku Nut, awarded the Golden Light Arrow Award to The Sacred Realm in 2009, in recognition of the activity and prominence of the site's Legends Place forum network.[3].



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  2. "For a long time now, it’s been far too big for me to run on my own, and this has been my primary motivation for this merger. I was considering a large and lengthy overhaul to my site, while at the same time Jason and Cody were thinking that a third webmaster would be useful. We got to talking, and eventually it all happened!" — Lysia, Temple 2.0: A new layout for a new era, Zelda Universe, published June 6, 2011, retrieved Aug 7, 2011.
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