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StrategyWiki logo.svg

StrategyWiki, as viewed in the Dolphin skin
Owner(s)Procyon and Prod
Webmaster(s)Procyon and Prod
Launch DateDecember 18, 2005 Founded
October 15, 2010 Inducted into NIWA
Quote1.png The free strategy guide and walkthrough wiki Quote2.png
— StrategyWiki

StrategyWiki is an independent wiki, founded by Brandon Suit on December 18, 2005, that focuses on providing strategy guides and walkthroughs for over 3,600 games, including many in regards to Nintendo franchises, such as The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon. StrategyWiki has had a long-standing inter-wiki partnership with Zelda Wiki since 2007. Because of this symbiotic relationship with Zelda Wiki and other comparable video game wikis, StrategyWiki was invited to join the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance. StrategyWiki was inducted on October 15, 2010 as NIWA's seventh wiki.