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Community:Link's Hideaway

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Link's Hideaway
Link's Hideaway.png
Release Date(s)
January 22, 2008

Link's Hideaway is a Zelda fan site that was created by Autydi on January 22, 2008 on some free host which has since been switched and forgotten. Some of the goals over at Link´s Hideaway include: game guides, unique content, and fan support.


Work on the site began in early 2008 when Autydi decided to take on the Zelda franchise with some sort of fan project. Autydi began organizing files on his computer and decided that making a website would be the best way. Roughly 15-20 layouts were made before he settled on the first "official" version of the site was released on a free host. Five days later Chainspell, a friend of Autydi's, offered to host the site on his server space.

So shortly later that day, Link's Hideaway launched anew on a better server and with a new domain name provided by Chainspell. A few months later, work on a more structured version of the first layout had started. After lots of work, version 1.1/1.2 was launched. Autydi also moved the site over to its current hosting plan and off of his friends.

Almost a year later, work began on version 2 of Link's Hideaway. Autydi had an idea to try to make the site look more like a hideaway. So he started out with some A Link to the Past screenshots and sprites and custom made several images. After many hours of work, Version 2 Beta of the site was launched on August 8, 2009.


Autydi - Webmaster

CKW100 - News Manager

King Zora - Staff Manager

LinkxZelda - Fan Works Writer

Hayjacob - Content Manager, Content Writer

Hellfire - Content Writer, Graphics Artist

Wolf - Content Writer

Malon - Content Writer

Synergy - Content Writer

Ruto - General Staff

Larke12 - Graphics Artist