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Screenshot of the Hidden Triforce homepage
Release Date(s)
September 2009

The Hidden Triforce is a revival of an old site under the same name. After several years in a dormant state, the old owners decided to re-open the site under a new domain name.


In the Spring of 2004, the groundwork was made for what would later become The Hidden Triforce. Noah Glaser, the owner, had never made a website before, but his interest was sparked by a school project in which he had to participate. Originally hosted on expages.com, a free small hosting site, the site would consist of nothing more than some basic text and images.

After the project was over, Noah was still interested in developing a Legend of Zelda site so he began to look around for some kind of inspiration and ideas. After a few brief stints on other free hosts such as Angelfire, Noah was offered a free domain and hosting space by Racknine.com

It was then that things began to pick up. The site was now available through hiddentriforce.com and things started to progress. Members began signing up for the site and things were looking up. Several staff members jumped on board and things were underway.

After a few years in the community, Noah sold The Hidden Triforce after some behind the scenes trouble between some of his staff and members. The new owner, however, let the site stand dormant and never updated it in any way. A few years later, after seeing his once popular site in ruins, Noah tried contacting the owner to buy the site back. After no response was received he decided to start things from scratch under a new domain name and concept.

Community Forums

The forums have always played a big role with The Hidden Triforce. While never a huge community, they have always had a group of committed members who are close to one another. As of now, the forums are run off of the Vbulletin forum package.

Unique Features

The Hidden Triforce features a weekly contest in which users can participate to win a variety of prizes. The contest theme is based on the site name. Once a week a new image is released in which a Triforce is hidden somewhere inside of the picture. Users get points for correctly identifying the location of the Triforce.


In March of 2010, The Hidden Triforce was honored with one of the Exploding Deku Nut's annual Golden Item Awards. The Hidden Triforce received the Golden Ocarina award for being one of the most aspiring sites in the community.

Staff Team

  • Dark Link - Noah Glaser (Owner)
  • Farore (Mod)

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