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Blackheart, Kirotashi
Release Date(s)
April 2011

iZelda is a rapidly growing The Legend of Zelda fan-site created by Blackheart in April 2011 and is now run by Blackheart. iZelda provides users with any help that they need in any Zelda game in the series via their very friendly community forums, provide the latest news and updates and, soon to come, all the guides and information needed for any of the Zelda games.


IZelda Logo.png
iZelda (First) Logo.

iZelda was in development for months on a private server and was planned to be active in March 2011. As the site came across hosting issues, they came across Zelda Temple who kindly agreed to host them. Later on during that same month, the webmaster came across Zelda Sages, where the webmaster there agreed to host them. iZelda up to this day is still being hosted by Zelda Sages. While iZelda was still under development the webmaster was a part of various forums around the Zelda Community. While on one of these forums he came across the now co-webmaster of iZelda, Kirotashi, who now helps the webmaster, Blackheart, run iZelda.

As of November 2nd iZelda moved onto its own server to start off a new adventure with its network Blackheart Networks and new staff. Blackheart Networks is now the official owner of iZelda and other sites that are on its network.

iZelda Layouts

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