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Community:Hylian Help Desk

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Hylian Help Desk
Release Date(s)
January 25 2005
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The Hylian Help Desk was originally put online on January 25 2005. The first version of the site featured a crude green layout and was hosted by Helios at his website, nexuschat.com

After going through a handful of new layouts and hosts in a short amount of time, the site finally settled down for the time being on the Gamespy Gaming Network in mid-2006. Unfortunately, the site became inactive in 2007 and updates stopped. The Hylian Help Desk was once a contributor at Zelda Wiki, the site was removed after becoming inactive.[1] The only reason that HHD continued to stay online was because of the good fortune of being hosted by Gamespy and if the site had been residing anywhere else it surely wouldn't have made it.

At the end of May 2009, IGN/Gamespy had announced that they would be terminating their fansite hosting services on August 31st of that year. So, after nearly two years of no updates from the webmaster, the site was relaunched in July 2009 with a new host and design.

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