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Gannon-Banned is a humorous term first invented by TSA. Tired of ignorant people asking stupid questions, he came up with Gannon-banned and the rules about how to use it.

The Rules

According to the website, any of the following can get you Gannon-banned:

  1. Spelling Ganon "Gannon"
  2. Saying "The Adventures of Link" instead of "The Adventure of Link"
  3. Calling Majora's Mask "Zelda II"
  4. Calling Link "Zelda"
  5. Saying the Triforce is obtainable in Ocarina of Time
  6. Saying System of a Down sang the "Zelda" song
  7. Saying there's a fourth Triforce piece
  8. Saying there's only one Link
  9. Saying The Wind Waker is the last Zelda game
  10. Saying there is an official Zelda movie
  11. Insulting the Philips CD-i Games without having played them
  12. Saying you beat the Marathon Man
  13. Saying Link and Zelda are siblings
  14. Saying there is no timeline of any kind
  15. Calling Twilight Princess "Reborn"
  16. Believing the "Gates of Realm" and "Reigns of Sorrow" hoax
  17. Claiming The Legend of Zelda is based on the movie "Legend"
  18. Believing the EGM April Fools' joke
  19. Claiming Twilight Princess is based on "Ladyhawke"
  20. Saying that the Wii version of Twilight Princess is superior to the GameCube version.
  21. Claiming to have found a game-ending bug in Twilight Princess
  22. Saying that The Adventure of Link is not the best Zelda game of all time.
  23. Believing the futuristic Zelda game hoax.
  24. People who fell for the "Valley of the Deluge" hoax created by 4chan.
  25. Calling Sheik a man.
  26. Arguing that Zelda games are always developed around gameplay concepts rather than plot or story.
  • First Offense: Gannon-banned
  • Second Offense: Gannon=banned (Double bond)
  • Third Offense: Double secret Gannon-banned

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