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Community:Escapist's Labyrinth

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Escapist's Labyrinth
Release Date(s)
August 1, 2007
Defunct as of 2008(?)

The Escapist's Labyrinth was a short-lived project on the VGRC forums, organized by Safer and Sugar. It was an attempt to entice members of Zelda Universe (and more specifically those that frequented the Battle Arena) to stick around for textual role-playing after the ZeldaInformer split.

It was mildly successful at first. It had a custom forum skin designed by the Captain and Leminnes, so while functionally it was a part of VGRC, it looked like its very own website.

After a few months, interest in the EL waned. When VGRC's forum was hacked by an anonymous Arabian hacker in December 2007, the entire EL forum skin was completely lost. Since nobody had posted in the EL for a good couple weeks before that, Safer and Captain subsequently decided to silently close down the EL shortly afterwards rather than rebuild it.