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The following is a brief listing of users that have made a significant contribution to online Zelda Community. Users are listed alphabetically by alias and first name.





  • Dan (Ganon) - Creator of Ganon's Tower. Has since sold Ganon's Tower.
  • DarkDragon - Webmaster of Zelda Classic.
  • Dark Nation - Took over as the lead director of Zelda Classic when Phantom Menace stepped down.
  • Darth Citrus - Creator of Exploding Deku Nut. Darth Citrus was also heavily involved in the upkeep of ZeldaBlog.
  • Davogones - Creator of The Legends of Zelda, which merged with Zelda Legends.
  • DSCUBED - Webmaster of The Hylia. Took over as a Webmaster of the website when TSA sold the website to Yusuf.
  • Dustin - Creator of





  • Lars - Creator of Zelda Universe.
  • Last Chance (Chance Clanton) - Webmaster of Took over as Webmaster when Alex had taken a lesser roll with the website.
  • Lord of Shadow - Webmaster of Zelda Legends and also was a well known writer and moderator at Zelda Universe.
  • Lysia - Webmaster of Legends and Adventure.


  • Mak - Creator of The Adventure of Hyrule. Mak is well known for his Zelda expertise.
  • Mases - Creator of Zelda Dungeon
  • Melora - Creator of History of Hyrule. Also worked at Zelda Legends for a period of time. Melora is known for her archive of rare Japanese Manga and Japanese Strategy Guides. She is responsible for much of the rare Japanese official artwork scans from the earlier Zelda titles.
  • MNGoldenEagle - Creator of Zelda's Secret Ocarina, a website that was involved in the findings and reconstruction of the BETA Ocarina of Time.



  • Phantom Menace - Creator of Zelda Classic.


  • TML (The Missing Link) - Creator of The Grand Adventures and ZeldaBlog. TML has also made appearances as a news reporter at Zelda Legends.
  • TSA - Creator of ZHQ2 and The Hylia. TSA is also well known for his Zelda Speedruns and his close involvement with Nintendo.



  • Xizor - Webmaster of


  • Yusuf - Owner of The Hylia, which he purchased from TSA. Yusuf is also a former owner of Zelda Universe and several other large gaming websites.


  • Zephka - Former Webmaster of Zelda Universe. Zephka was well known for his detailed game guides for the early Legend of Zelda titles.