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Color Dungeon

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Color Dungeon
Color Dungeon Map.png
Location(s) Graveyard
Game(s) Link's Awakening DX
Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch
Main Item Red Clothes
Blue Clothes
Mini-boss(es) Giant Buzz Blob
Stone Hinox
Boss(es) Evil Orb
Theme Music

The Color Dungeon is a plot-independent dungeon exclusive to Link's Awakening DX and Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch,[1] the only dungeon in the game made purposefully to be used in tandem with the Game Boy Color's color screen.[2] It is shorter than most other dungeons in the game, but has multiple bosses and its difficulty is affected by how much equipment and Heart Containers Link has when he enters. Link can enter the dungeon as soon as he obtains the Power Bracelet, but he also needs to retrieve the book in the Library, that provides instructions via a "combination code" as to the dungeon's location.


Stone Hinox, one of the mini-bosses of the Color Dungeon.

In the Library of Mabe Village, an unreachable book high on a bookshelf gives directions as to locating and revealing the dungeon's entrance.[3] By dashing into the shelves with the Pegasus Boots, the book will fall to the floor. At the Cemetery of Koholint Island, southwest of the Tabahl Wasteland, the book instructs Link to push gravestones in a specific order; by following the book's directions, the entrance reveals itself under the last disturbed gravestone. However, before Link can enter, two skeletal guards stand in his way; he must describe to them what color of tunic each is wearing.[4] Upon two correct answers, admittance is granted.

With a bit of luck, the Color Dungeon can be accessed without the Pegasus Boots or the Library's navigational book, as the gravestones can be moved as soon as Link has obtained the Power Bracelet. However, the final gravestone cannot be moved if Link is accompanied by another character such as (BowWow, Marin, the Ghost, or the Flying Rooster).

Themes and Navigation

To be expected, the dungeon incorporates many color-based puzzles; because only the Game Boy Color has a color screen, this aspect of the game cannot be accessed at all if the game is to be played on the original Game Boy. In some rooms, Link must walk on tiles in order to change their color; in others, he must hit switches to harmonize colors, or throw Orb Monsters into matching-color holes to progress. Like the puzzles, few enemies are exclusive to this dungeon, including the Bone Putter, Camo Goblin, and Orb Monster.

Inside the dungeon, the Power Bracelet is required to complete some puzzles, and Magic Powder is an item vital to defeating one of the dungeon's mini-bosses, Giant Buzz Blob; this is alluded to by one of the dungeon's guards.[5] The dungeon's other mini-boss, Stone Hinox, exhibits a more mechanical appearance in comparison to the versions found all across Koholint Island. This incarnation can also rain Boulders from the ceiling.

The reward for clearing this dungeon is not an instrument, but rather Link meets a Great Fairy who offers him "the power of color", a new-found strength embodied in either the Red Clothes or the Blue Clothes granted by the Great Fairy herself.[6] The Blue Tunic increases Link's defense; he will take less damage in battle when it is worn (similar to the Guardian Acorn).[7] The Red Tunic increases Link's sword attack strength (much like a Piece of Power, sans speed bonus).[8] Link has the option of clearing the dungeon again to switch between the tunics, but he can never revert back to his Green Tunic after his first successful completion.

Unlike the rest of the dungeons in Link's Awakening, completing this dungeon has no effect on the overall plot and is entirely optional. The Color Dungeon cannot be accessed while Link is tied to his quest, i.e. in the middle of another dungeon, etc. The theme played during Link's voyage through the Color Dungeon is a remixed version of the dungeon theme from the original The Legend of Zelda.

Minor Enemies


  • The Color Dungeon is the only location in the game where green Rupees are found. These are worth five Rupees each, while blue Rupees, the only color found elsewhere (i.e. in all locations present in the original version of the game), are worth one. This is a reversal of the values of green and blue Rupees found in most other games in the series.
  • The Color Dungeon is referred to as "Level 0" on the Dungeon Map.
  • The background music for this dungeon is a remix of the dungeon theme from the original The Legend of Zelda.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 服のダンジョン (Fuku no Dungeon) Clothing Dungeon
Federal Republic of Germany German Labyrinth der Farbe Maze of the Color



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