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Color-Changing Gel

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Color-Changing Gel
OoA Color Changing Gel.png
Habitat(s)Wing Dungeon
Skull Dungeon
Mermaid's Cave

Color-Changing Gels are enemies in Oracle of Ages.[1]


Color-Changing Gels are Gels with the ability to change their color between red, blue, and yellow. They appear in certain dungeon rooms where the floor is of one color so they are able to camouflage into their surroundings. Color-Changing Gels attack and move by jumping forward one tile at a time. When blended into the background, they cannot be destroyed. To defeat them, Link must hop over the central tile of the room using Roc's Feather, which will instantly change the floor's color. The Color-Changing Gels will get stunned briefly before changing color again, allowing Link to attack them.

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