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Main appearance(s)
Nanna (grandmother)[1]
Lasli (younger sister)[1]

Claree is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Claree is a shopkeeper and a member of the Sheikah Tribe who lives in Kakariko Village, where she owns the Armor Shop, Enchanted.[3] When Link first steps into her store, she will proudly declare that all of her items belong to a brand named the "Claree Collection" and recommends one of the pieces.[4] Claree is also willing to buy items from the hero.[5] If Link asks what the Claree Collection is, she will explain that the collection is curated by none other than herself.[6] She points out that certain items have specific features.[7] Claree is very upbeat and tells Link he can ask her about anything.[8]

When Link decides to sell her something, Claree can react in a few different ways. She can be in shock over the item,[9] end up thrilled,[10]admit that she was eyeing what he sold,[11] or proclaim that she has been looking for that particular item.[12] She will claim to buy anything,[13][14] and even suggests that Link sell anything he does not need anymore.[15] Once their business is concluded, she will express how excited she gets over things that are from beyond Kakariko's borders.[16]

If Link approaches the Stealth Set, Claree says the pieces are exclusive to the store.[17] She points out the use of its stealth capabilities,[18] but quietly admits that its defense is lacking.[19]


Claree is named after a cranberry. This is more apparent in French and Spanish.

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