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Habitat(s)Snowpeak Ruins
Cave of Ordeals
Effective Weapon(s)Sword
Ball and Chain
Bomb Arrow

Chilfos are enemies in Twilight Princess. They are warriors that appear to consist of animated bones made of ice.

Characteristics and Weaknesses

Chilfos are found in the Snowpeak Ruins and in the Cave of Ordeals. They carry large, spear-like icicles that they use as two-handed weapons against Link in hand-to-hand combat. Chilfos also throw the icicles as javelins to attack Link from a distance. They can be taken out in two hits with Bomb Arrows or with a single swing of the Ball and Chain.

An useful strategy to defeat a Chilfos is to keep a distance away from it, so it attempts to impale Link by throwing an ice javelin at him. Once it breaks against Link's Shield, the Chilfos will take a few moments to reconstruct a new icicle, at which point Link will be able to successfully slice at the Chilfos with his Sword. A Chilfos can also be killed instantly by performing a Helm Splitter, Jump Strike, or a Back Slice upon it.

Other Appearances

Link's Crossbow Training

Chilfos in Link's Crossbow Training

In Link's Crossbow Training, Chilfos appear in Level 6: Snowpeak Ruins: Ranger. They appear identically to their Twilight Princess appearance, as ice warriors who throw their javelin icicles at Link when he is within sight, and who swing their spears at him if he is at close range. As before, they are able to respawn their spears after they are thrown or destroyed. Chilfos may use their spears to defend themselves from Link's Crossbow shots, which will shatter their spears. They can be defeated in one shot of a charged Bomb Arrow.



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