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Child Goron
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Child Gorons are recurring characters in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]


Majora's Mask

Main article: Elder's Son

Four Swords Adventures

Phantom Hourglass

In Phantom Hourglass, Child Gorons reside on Goron Island, where they are almost as numerous as their adult counterparts. Child Gorons exhibit the same tribal pride and manners of speaking as grown-up Gorons,[2] but they have a predilection toward playing as well as a variety of personality traits.[3] One Child Gorons seems annoyed by his father's obsession with with Linebeck's Ship,[4] and another one rewards Link with a Treasure Chart for defeating a group of Yellow Chuchus which have appeared on a nearby hill.[5] Some readily welcome Link to their homeland,[6] with several even willing to call the young hero "Brother" before he has officially joined the tribe,[7][8] while others are more hesitant to trust him,[9] including the island chief's son, Gongoron.[10] Child Gorons also appear on Dee Ess Island, where they help to set up and manage the Goron Game.

While the average maturation period of a Child Gorons is unknown, one particular Child Gorons is shown to grow into a full-sized Goron by the time Link has completed the Goron Temple.[11][12]

Spirit Tracks

Main article: Goron Child

Only two Child Gorons appear in Spirit Tracks. One manages the Goron Target Range just west of Goron Village. The other is the Goron Elder's grandson, who is known simply as the Goron Child. After Link completes the Fire Temple, the Goron Child asks Link to take him to Castle Town, as he would like to experience life in the "big city" and hopefully meet a Princess in-person.[citation needed]

Breath of the Wild

Several Child Gorons appear in Breath of the Wild, including Axyl, Dugby, Offrak, Pelison, and Slergo.


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