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Chief's Diary

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Chief's Diary
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The Chief's Diary is an object in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses


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Quote1.png -Diary of Makeela Riju-

Chief of the Gerudo
— Chief's Diary
Quote1.png Buliara told me today that Mother has passed on and gone to a better place...

She said that my mother's death means I am now the chief of the Gerudo people.

I wish she'd stayed here, though. I don't see how it can be a better place with us apart...
— Chief's Diary
Quote1.png Ever since I became the chief, the people in town have been a lot nicer to me.

But if I look carefully, I can still see the worry in their eyes. It seems more common than when Mother was chief...

Mother... Will I ever be as great a chief as you were?
— Chief's Diary
Quote1.png The divine Beat Vah Naboris, which supposedly has been sleeping in the desert, has suddenly woken up.

Mother once told me that Naboris is the deity of protection for the Gerudo people, but it doesn't seem that way...

I plan to investigate tomorrow. I have to find out more...
— Chief's Diary
Quote1.png Having investigated Divine Vah Naboris, I can say that if it came to Gerudo Town, we'd be helpless.

When I drew close to it, using my wonderful sand seal Patricia, I was driven back by a sandstorm and lightning.

I turned Patricia toward home, but a monster spooked her, and she fled directly toward Naboris again...

The next thing I remember is Buliara standing over me, her face full of worry.
— Chief's Diary
Quote1.png Ever since I went to investigate the Divine Beast, Buliara has made a point of never leaving my side.

Even now, with such a valuable heirloom stolen by thieves, she refuses to tear herself away from me even for a moment.

She takes all the blame for the theft, however. Nothing can change her mind about being responsible.

Meanwhile, I can't help but feel that the theft happened because I am not yet ready to be chief...

The soldiers search tirelessly, trying to recover the heirloom. No one says a word about my leadership...

But they must be thinking about how powerless their chief has proven to be.
— Chief's Diary
Quote1.png Thanks to the tireless efforts of my soldiers, we've located the thieves' hideout.

They definitely aren't common criminals, though. We haven't been able to get anywhere close to the place.

To think that the Thunder Helm is right there, yet we can't take it back...

Mother... Lady Urbosa... Please give me your guidance...
— Chief's Diary
Quote1.png My prayers were answered! One of the Champions of old has appeared!

Buliara was wary, but he haas proven himself by taking our heirloom back from the thieves and calming Naboris.

She now seems to trust his abilities. She even seems to not mind that he is a voe.

She's so focused and serious. Always by the book. I'm surprised she's OK with him.
— Chief's Diary
Quote1.png He has returned to us. It seems he has need of my family heirloom, the Thunder Helm.

I want to simply lend it to him without thought, but it is incredibly valuable to myself and our people...

I couldn't just hand it over, so I asked him to help with the minor problems plaguing the town...

It's funny... I used to spend a lot of my time worrying about my people or my ability to lead...

Now I look forward to each and every day... I think this hero helped with that.

Maybe one day he and I can compete in a sand-seal race. I'd enjoy that...
— Chief's Diary


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