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Chickaloo Tree Nut

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Chickaloo Tree Nut
BotW Chickaloo Tree Nut Model.png
Use(s) Restoring Hearts
Dyeing Armor
Upgrading Armor

Chickaloo Tree Nut are items in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]

Location and Uses

Link can obtain Chickaloo Tree Nuts by killing any Sparrow, searching Trees and the floors of forests, or in the waterways of Zora's Domain.

Chickaloo Tree Nuts are commonly used as Food and can be eaten raw to restore a quarter of a Heart. They can be roasted in Fire to create Roasted Tree Nuts, or they can be used in a Cooking Pot as part of a Recipe. Chickaloo Tree Nuts are also used in the Kochi Dye Shop as an ingredient for Crimson Dye.