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Charts are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.[1] They are used by Link to help him find the location of various islands, items, treasures and even people. There are Sea Charts, Treasure Charts, Triforce Charts, and Special Charts. Phantom Hourglass uses unique features of the Nintendo DS to introduce new interactive puzzles with charts.


Sea Chart

Main article: Sea Chart

Sea Charts are maps of islands which can be viewed by pressing up on the controller and are found (with the exception of Outset Island, the Forsaken Fortress, and Windfall Island) by giving a Fishman All-Purpose Baits to receive a map of the current "section" you are in. They also appear in Phantom Hourglass but there are only four of them as each section is 1/4 of the total world map.

Treasure Charts and Treasure Maps

Main article: Treasure Chart
Main article: Treasure Map
Treasure Chart Small.png

Treasure Charts and Treasure Maps are used to find treasure, hence the name. They can be found by doing side quests and opening Treasure Chests.

In The Wind Waker, there are a total of 41 Treasure Charts. Treasure are collected using the Grappling Hook over a glowing batch of light and can contain either Rupees, Heart Containers or Special Charts.

In Phantom Hourglass, there are a total of 31 Treasure Maps which can lead to Rupees, Sand of Hours or Ship Parts.

Triforce Charts

Main article: Triforce Chart

Triforce Charts are charts leading to a piece of the Triforce of courage. Because they are written in ancient Hylian Link is unable to read them and must bring them to Tingle to be deciphered, at the price of 398 Rupees each.[citation needed]

In The Wind Waker, there are a total of eight Triforce Charts.[citation needed]

In The Wind Waker HD, there a total of three Triforce Charts.[citation needed]

Special Charts

Main article: Special Chart

Special Charts are maps that lead to secret locations, such as the Beedle's Shop Ship, submarines and Lookout Platforms. There are a total of 12 Special Charts.

Phantom Hourglass Chart Features

Phantom Hourglass is the first game to allow Link to make notations on the dungeon maps and Sea Charts. The Uncharted Island goes even further and requires Link to draw a map of the entire island and solve a riddle based on the resulting shape.

There is also a Special Chart found in the Temple of the Ocean King, that Link must place his Sea Chart against in order to transfer the imprint of the Courage symbol from the original map to his. To successfully transfer the symbol to Link's Chart, the Nintendo DS lid must be shut while looking at both the map and the south-western Sea Chart.

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