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Charm (The Minish Cap)

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TMC Din's Charm Sprite.pngTMC Farore's Charm Sprite.pngTMC Nayru's Charm Sprite.png
Din, Farore, and Nayru's Charms
Increases Link's attack and/or defense

Charms are items in The Minish Cap.[citation needed]

Uses and Location

The Charms can be granted to Link by the three Oracles,[1] provided he first finds a house for two of them. Because there is no third house in the game, only two Charms can be obtained. They are carried in Bottles.[2]

Din's Charm turns Link's tunic red and increases his attack.[3] Nayru's Charm turns Link's tunic blue and boosts his defense.[4] Farore's Charm turns Link's tunic purple and increases his attack and defense.[5] However, the increase is lesser than those gotten from the other two Charms.


  • If Link uses any charm while in Mama's Cafe, his tunic will turn orange.[6]



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