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Chambers of Insight

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Chambers of Insight
Chambers of Insight.png
The Chambers of Insight from the overworld
Main Appearance(s)

Chambers of Insight is a practice Stage in Four Swords. The Stage features various areas to practice with most of the game's many items as well as learn the different techniques that will be needed to complete each level and to defeat certain enemies. Throughout the Stage are Stray Fairies that will give the Links tips on how to complete their adventure.[1] All of the Links must stand on the Warp Zones to be transported to the training area they wish to go to.[2] In the middle of the chamber is a test that the Links can take to prove the skills they have learned.[3] The mini-boss that must be defeated at the end is an Ice Wizzrobe.

The Chambers of Insight can be exited at any time by standing on the warp zones in the southern portion.[4]


A map of the main chamber

First Floor

The destination of the first set of Warp Zones

The floor that the first set of Warp Zones lead to teaches the Links about the basic techniques of gameplay, such as gathering Rupees and pressing switches to open doors.

Techniques Learned

  • FS Blue Rupee Sprite.png The Rupees gathered are pooled in a single wallet.[5]
    • If a Link dies, he can be revived for 50 Rupees, although the cost will increase each time a Link fails.[6]
    • The Link that gathers the most Rupees will be acknowledged as the greatest hero by the Stray Fairies.[7]
  • There are three different types of Mystical Seeds: Armor Seed, Razor Seed, Pegasus Seed.[8]
    • FS Armor Seed Sprite.png Armor Seeds increase defense.
    • FS Razor Seed Sprite.png Razor Seeds increase offense.
    • FS Pegasus Seed Sprite.png Pegasus Seeds increase speed.
  • A Switch must be pressed by a Link to move traps or stones.[9]
  • Blocks can be moved by pressing the Control Pad in the direction the Links wish to move the block.[10]
    • Big blocks can only be moved when multiple Links push simultaneously.[11]
  • FS Rupee Shard Sprite.png When four Rupee Shards are collected, they combine to form a giant Rupee worth 500 Rupees.[12]
  • Torches can be lit up when two Links strike their swords together.[13]
  • Some doors will open if all Links step on a set of switches at the same time. If there are not enough people, statues can be placed on the remaining switches.[14]
    • Some switches will require that all Links step on them to successfully press them down.[15]
  • Locked blocks can be opened with a Small Key.[16]
  • Once the Links enter deep water, they can only climb out of it by going into nearby shallow water.[17]
    • In deep water, the Links can press A to swim and B to dive.[18]
  • Links will lose health when they get sucked into a whirlpool.[19]
  • Using A to swim, a Link can swim against currents, but not rapids.[20]
  • Cracked walls will break after repeated Sword strikes.[21]
  • Link can trade items by pressing A next to the item pedestal.[22]
  • FS Gnat Hat Sprite.pngThe Gnat Hat shrinks Link down into the size of a gnat. This allows him to go through tiny holes.[23][24]
  • There are some colored platforms which only the same-colored Link can go through; anyone else will fall through.[25]
    • Some colored tiles can only be seen by the same-colored Link, although others that cannot see them can also walk across them.[26]
  • A special platform moves in the direction of the arrow that the Links stand on. A switch beside the platform recalls it to the beginning.[27]
  • Getting all the balls on the floor into a hole in the wall yields Rupee rewards.[28]
  • A bonus can be received depending on how fast a dungeon is cleared. The less time it takes, the bigger the Rupee bonus will be.[29]

Second Floor

The destination of the second set of Warp Zones

The floor that the first set of Warp Zones lead to is much shorter than the first. It teaches how to lift rocks, press big switches, and how to defeat certain enemies, such as Nokkun, Bob-omb, and Hikkun.

Techniques Learned

  • Rocks, grass, and pats can be lifted by pressing the R Button.[30]
    • Big rocks can be lifted by having all Links combine their might.[31]
    • Companions can lift one another to throw them across gaps.[32]
  • HikkunFS.png Hikkuns are defeated by stunning them first and then having two Links pull from each side of the helmet.[33]
  • Bob-omb FS.png Bob-ombs can be lifted and thrown into fire to defeat them.[34]
  • Levers are pulled by grabbing them with the R Button and then pressing the control pad in the opposite direction.[35]
    • Statues can also be pulled using the same technique.[36]
  • Nokken.png Nokkuns are left defenseless without their shells when thrown across a room.[37]
  • Blue Crystal FS.gif Blue Crystals must be picked up from their pedestal and carried them over to another pedestal. Upon doing so, certain devices will activate, such as a door opening to allow access to the next area. If Link drops a crystal and it shatters, he must start over again.[38]

Floor of the Test

This floor tests a mix of the puzzles and techniques introduced on the floors through the other Warp Zones.

Item Warp Zones

In the northern portion of the chamber are Warp Zones leading to floors that teach the Links how to use all of the items appearing in the game, except the Gnat Hat encountered on the first floor and the rare Chain Chomp. They are also taught how to take advantage of the items' unique abilities and use them to solve various puzzles.

Magnetic Glove Floor

  • FS Magnetic Glove Sprite.png Link can pull or repel himself from Magnetic blocks. They are different from other blocks in that they are orange and are marked with a plus (+) sign, indicating their polarity.[39]
    • The power of repulsion can be used to cross over gaps.[40]
    • It can also be used to pull one of the other Links toward the glove.[41]
  • The polarity of the magnet can be changed by pressing the A Button.[42]
  • Hiploop FS.png Helmasaurs cannot be defeated unless the Magnetic Glove is used against them.[43]
  • The Magnetic Glove can be used to pull companions along even if there is a wall between them. Link can walk even as he draws his companion to him.[44]

Roc's Cape Floor

  • FS Roc's Cape Sprite.png Link can jump with the Roc's Cape by pressing the A Button. Holding the button will make him jump further.[45]
  • Link can jump through special gates or jump down through it.[46]

Bomb Floor

  • FS Bomb Sprite.png To take out a Bomb, the A Button must be pressed, then pressed again to throw it.[47]
    • By pressing the A Button after the Bomb has fallen to the ground, it will blow up.[48]
  • Bombs can be used to destroy cracked blocks or walls.[49]
    • Some walls that do not have cracks can also be blown open. Holding the B Button and then going up to tap the wall with the sword will yield a different noise than usual.[50]
  • Bombs can be thrown over low walls to blow things that are on the other side.[51][52]
  • Switches can also be hit with bombs.[53]

Boomerang Floor

  • FS Boomerang Sprite.png The Boomerang can be used to retrieve items that are out of reach as well as activate switches from a distance.[54]

Pegasus Shoes Floor

  • FS Pegasus Boots Sprite.png Link can run quickly with the Pegasus Shoes by holding the A Button.[55]
    • The young hero can even push his other companions if they are standing in a line.[56]
    • Link can easily run up slippery slopes.[57]
  • Certain "rubbery" objects can be destroyed by running into them with the Pegasus Shoes.[58]

Bow Floor

  • FS Bow Sprite.png The Bow can be powered up by holding the A Button.[59]
  • Some switches can only be activated when shot with an arrow. Moreover, it might be necessary to shoot all of the switches simultaneously.[60]

Minor Enemies and Traps


Sprite Name
FS Bomb Sprite.png Bombs
FS Boomerang Sprite.png Boomerang
FS Bow Sprite.png Bow
FS Gnat Hat Sprite.png Gnat Hat
FS Magnetic Glove Sprite.png Magnetic Glove
FS Pegasus Boots Sprite.png Pegasus Boots
FS Roc's Cape Sprite.png Roc's Cape
FS Shield Sprite.png Shield


FS Warp Pad - Chambers of Insight.png
  • Symbols that resemble Jabber Nuts from The Minish Cap appear on the warp pads in the Chambers of Insight. The symbols also slightly resemble the head of a Stray Fairy.
  • The instruction manual contains a screenshot of the Stage Select which reads "Caves of Insight".


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ๅง‹ใพใ‚Šใฎใปใ“ใ‚‰ (Hajimari no Hokora) Shrine of Beginnings
French-speaking countries French Temple du Savoir Temple of Knowledge
Federal Republic of Germany German Quell des Wissens Origin of Knowledge
Italian Republic Italian Antri del sapere Caverns of Knowledge
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Templo del Saber Temple of Knowledge



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