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Mama's Cafe

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Mama's Cafe
Herb sitting outside Mama's Cafe
The exterior of Mama's Cafe
Main Appearance(s)
Hurdy-Gurdy Man, Gepper, Mama, Baris, Jasmine, Breve, Chai, Herb, Town Picori, June

Mama's Cafe is located in Hyrule Town in The Minish Cap. Above the Cafe live some of the Town Picori holding a similar bar, who have been visited by some of the Forest Picori. The Hurdy-Gurdy Man can be found here, and will fuse Kinstones with Link. Also, there is a Minish-sized bridge leading from the Cafe into the back of Stockwell's shop, which allows Link to gain access to the back of the shop where he obtains the Dog Food to give to Fifi at Lake Hylia.

In this place, Link can find Gepper (the man working in the cafe), Mama (the young lady who owns the cafe), Baris (the man wearing green clothes and sitting on a chair), Jasmine and Chai (two women), and Breve (an elderly woman), with whom he can fuse Kinstones. Outside, he can fuse Kinstones with June, the brown-haired lady who is always near Mama's Cafe. At the end of the game, Herb is seen outside the cafe and rewards Link if he has collected all the figurines from the Figurine Shop.

Mama's Cafe (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
TMC Mama's Cafe Figurine Sprite.png
This is the best place in town to relax. You can also pick up some good tips, from the latest gossip to observations about the world.


  • While Mama is the name of the proprietress of Mama's Cafe, it is also a term to refer to a proprietress of a bar in Japan.
  • The names of many of the people of Mama's Cafe are related to drinks, similar to the Wind Tribe's relation to weather.
    • Jasmine is a plant used in tea. Jasmine's Japanese name, ブルマン (Buruman), is a blend of coffee.
    • Breve comes from caffè breve, a latte. Breve's Japanese name, キリマン (Kiriman), is another blend of coffee.
    • Chai is a tea. Chai's Japanese name, チーノ (Cīno), is a shortening of the Japanese spelling of cappuccino.
    • Baris comes from barista. Baris's Japanese name, モカ (Moka); comes from mocha.
    • An herb is used for making tea. Herb's Japanese name, オーレ (Ō Re), is the Japanese spelling of "au lait".

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