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Cave of Flames

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Cave of Flames
Cave of Flames.png
Location(s) Mount Crenel
Game(s) The Minish Cap
Main Item Cane of Pacci
Mini-boss(es) Eight Spiny Chuchus
Boss(es) Gleerok
Quest Reward(s)Fire Element
Heart Container
Theme Music

The Cave of Flames is the second dungeon in The Minish Cap, located near the top of Mount Crenel. It used to be a human mine, but was abandoned at some point.[1]

Themes and Navigation

Being a mine, many of the puzzles in this dungeon involve manipulating Mine Carts and tracks. Several rooms are filled with lava, and must be crossed either by jumping into small vortexes and floating across, or by moving quickly along patches of cooled lava. The item obtained in the dungeon is the Cane of Pacci, a mysterious cane with the ability to flip certain objects upside-down (such as the aforementioned mine carts and lava patches).[2] The Cave of Flames is infested with Rollobites, Bob-ombs, Spiked Beetles, Rupee Likes, etc.

The dungeon's boss is Gleerok, and the mini-boss is a group of eight Spiny Chuchus.[3] Clearing the dungeon earns Link the second of the Four Elements, the Fire Element.[4]

Minor Enemies and Traps


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Cave of Flames
Japan Japanese 炎のどうくつ (Honō no Dō kutsu) Cave of Flames
French Republic FrenchEU Grotte de Feu Fire Cave
Federal Republic of Germany German Höhle der Flamme Cave of Flame
Italian Republic Italian Grotta di Fuoco Fire Cave
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Cueva de las llamas Cave of flames



  1. "If you head outside from here, you can go see the mine the humans dug. But the boss doesn't let anyone go in there without permission." — Mountain Minish (The Minish Cap)
  2. "You got the Cane of Pacci! This mystical rod has the power to flip things over. Use it to charge up energy in holes and then flip up on out of it!" — N/A (The Minish Cap)
  3. "Appears in the Cave of Flames. A Gleeok with a hard, rocky shell found in Mount Crenel. Hiding in lava, this beast spews fire on everything it sees." — Figurine Description (The Minish Cap)
  4. "It'll take me a while to rework your sword. In the meantime, you should track down the missing elements. One of them should be in the mine the humans dug. It's not far from here." — Melari (The Minish Cap)
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