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Castle Guard

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Castle Guard
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Castle Guards are recurring characters in The Legend of Zelda series.[1] Castle Guards go unnamed in Mario Kart 8.


Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, unlike the other iterations of Soldiers, these Soldiers are unique as being members of the New Hyrule's government and society as opposed to the original Hyrule. In addition to regular Soldiers, part of the guard force in the game consists of new recruits. Donning the Recruit Uniform he obtained from Zelda, Link pretends to be a recruit, fooling the Guards into thinking he is one of them.[2] In a modified version of the classic Stealth mission, Link must sneak Zelda out of the castle,[3] engaging the Guards in conversation to distract them so Zelda can slip by.[4] Since the Guards see Link as one of their own while he is wearing the uniform, they allow him to pass freely through the castle.

Guard training is overseen by Guard Captain Russell in the training hall at the rear of the castle. Here Link learns the art of sword fighting and obtains his first sword.[5] Afterwards, he can return to hone his skills through Sword Training.[6] In this mini-game, Link is pitted against the three Soldiers in the training room. In the same vein as Orca's sword training in The Wind Waker, Link must land as many blows on the Guards before he receives three. Link is rewarded by Captain Russell in accordance to the number of blows he inflicted.[7]

At the Disorientation Station, Link encounters a Guard standing near the opening of a cave at the station.[8] The Guard reveals that he and his friend secretly came to the area to search for a golden treasure.[9] During their search, they stumbled upon a Fire Baba; the Soldier become frightened and ran away, leaving his friend behind.[10] The Castle Guard, seeing Link's sword, asks Link to search the cave for him,[11] giving him a riddle to help him navigate the maze.[12] The Soldier tells the hero he can keep the treasure if he finds it, as he only wishes to see his friend return safely.[13] In the cave, Link finds a message engraved in stone written by the Soldier's friend, who died in the cave. In his message, the Soldier reveals that he planned to take the treasure for himself.[14] He apologizes for his selfishness and urges his friend to move on.[15] After hearing this message from his deceased friend, the Soldier promises to live on for his friend's sake, giving Link 100 Rupees as a sign of gratitude.[16]

Other Appearances

Mario Kart 8

Castle Guards appear as spectators in the Hyrule Circuit course.


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