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Carver's Statue

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Carver's Statue
The Carver's Statues inside Link's House

Carver's Statues are objects in A Link to the Past & Four Swords made by Q. Bumpkin.[1]

Location and Uses

Link can obtain three different Carver's Statues as rewards during the Riddle Quest. The first statue resembles a Cucco, obtained after solving the first riddle, where the answer is a Cucco. The second statue resembles Link himself, obtained after solving the fourth riddle. The third and last statue resembles Princess Zelda, obtained after completing the seventh riddle. The statues are placed inside Link's House once obtained.[1]

The Carver's Statues can be carried and thrown around the house. If Link sprinkles Magic Powder on them, they will give different reactions. If Link sprinkles more powder on the Cucco statue, it will get the same colors as an ordinary Cucco or its Dark World counterpart. If Link does the same on his statue, it will get the same colors as Link or Bunny Link. The Princess Zelda statue will receive the same colors as Zelda or turn into an older version of herself if sprinkled again. These changes reset once Link leaves his house.


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