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Transporting Lumber
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Cargo is a mechanic in Spirit Tracks.[1] It refers to Link's ability to transport goods from Station to Station in the Freight Car of the Spirit Train.


Cargo Cost Quantity Realm Location Seller
Lumber 50 Rupees 10 1Forest Realm Whittleton Mash
Cuccos 50 Rupees 5 1Forest Realm Castle Town Georgio
Mega Ice 0–100 Rupees[note 1] 20 2Snow Realm Wellspring Station Noko
Fish 50 Rupees 20 3Ocean Realm Papuchia Village Niboshi
Vessel 300 Rupees 1 3Ocean Realm Papuchia Village Wise One
Goron Iron 100 Rupees 20 4Fire Realm Goron Village Tengoron
Dark Ore 200 Rupees 10 4Fire Realm Dark Ore Mine Goron


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  1. Mega Ice costs 100 Rupees the first time and 50 thereafter. Sometimes Link can barter the price down to 25 Rupees, and if he keeps pressing may even get it for free.