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Captain Krin
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Soldier Captain
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Captain Krin is a character featured in the The Legend of Zelda comics by Valiant Comics published by Valiant Comics.[citation needed] He is the soldier captain at the North Castle who will do anything to protect both the palace and the king.[1]


Krin is first introduced in He Also Serves. When Link's fairy, Miff, has a vision that Princess Zelda is in danger, Link sends Captain Krin and his men to search for her.[2] A while after they leave, an impostor of Krin, who is actually Ganon, arrives to the palace gravely injured. He tells Link that he and his men were ambushed,[3] and that he is the only survivor.[4] He also reveals that Rauru Town has been burned,[5] and that the only one who can save the princess is Link. He attempts to get Link to leave the castle so that Ganon can take over without resistance, but Link refuses, knowing that something is wrong.[6] In anger, Krin strikes Link, calling him a coward and reminding him of his duty as the hero of Hyrule.[7]. A magic signal then appears, with Zelda calling for Link to come to her aid since he is her only hope.[8] Before Link can respond, the message cuts out.[9] As Link once more refuses to leave the castle, Krin tells him that he has let her down,[10] and leaves the castle, presumably to find the princess. Later on in the day, the real Captain Krin and his men return unharmed with Princess Zelda and Impa with them.

Krin also makes a brief appearance in "Missing in Action", where he tries to prevent an outraged Link from reaching King Harkinian, for Krin fears he might attack him.[1] Krin is last mentioned in Queen of Hearts as Princess Zelda orders him and his men to prepare themselves for the incoming army of Ganon's minions.[11]


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