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Cannon Island

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Cannon Island
PH Cannon Island Map.png
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Cannon Island is a place in Phantom Hourglass.[name reference needed] It is a small island situated in the Southwestern Sea, just southwest of Mercay Island.[1] It is easily distinguishable from the large crane that sits at its peak, which is part of Eddo's Garage.

Features and Overview

Before Link can purchase anything from the local shop's owners, he has to navigate across the Island, which includes surviving Bee attacks, exploring a cave with block puzzles, and using Bomb Flowers to open new ways across the Island.[2] After meeting Eddo, Link can find him anytime more quickly by entering his Garage from the original entrance. Link receives two major items from Eddo's Garage: the Cannon and the Salvage Arm.[1][3] Eddo and his assistant, Fuzo, run the shop here that will sell Link these items throughout his journey.[4] The Cannon can be purchased for 50 Rupees.[5] The cost of the Salvage Arm can be dropped from 300 to 200 Rupees if Link follows the instructions carefully.[6][7][8]

There is a Power Gem hidden on the Island.[where?] To help cover the cost of Eddo's wares, Link can find a Big Red Rupee, valued at 200 Rupees, by rolling into a lone Tree east of the Bomb Garden.

Minor Enemies



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 大砲島 (Taihōtō)
French-speaking countries French Île Canon
Canada FrenchCA Île Canon
Federal Republic of Germany German Kanoneninsel
Italian Republic Italian Isola cannone
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Isla del Cañón Cannon Island

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