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This page refers to the Cannon as an object. For the character named Cannon featured in The Wind Waker, see Bomb-Master Cannon. Not to be confused with canon, the material that makes up the official Zelda universe.
SS Cannon Sprite.png
A Cannon from Skyward Sword
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Other appearance(s)
Jettisoning Bombs

Cannons are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2][citation needed] Cannons most commonly appear as either stationary weapons or as weapons that can be equipped to a vehicle, such as a boat or Train, which can then be used to fire either Bombs or cannonballs.

Location and Uses

A Link to the Past

In A Link to the Past, Cannons are dangerous traps that appear in some locations. They are connected to the walls of certain rooms; the room containing the Big Key in the Desert Palace, and a room in the third floor of Ganon's Tower known as the Corridor of Cannons.[1] They move along the wall in a predictable back-and-forth motion, firing cannonballs at regular intervals. They are placed on either side of the room, so the cannonballs will assault Link from both directions, making it hard to pass. Link has to time his movements carefully to get beyond these traps, as they cannot be destroyed.

The Wind Waker

After Link obtains Bombs from Tetra's Ship, the King of Red Lions facilitates the use of the Cannon. The cannon has a large range for such a small boat, and is a useful item when fighting off Gyorgs, Seahats, Octoroks and other sea-based enemies. When Link's Bomb stock is depleted, the Cannon cannot be used.

Four Swords Adventures

Main article: Air Cannon
FSA Air Cannon Sprite.png

Small, floating Cannons known as Air Cannons can be found in some stages in Four Swords Adventures. They are used to blast all of the four Links to higher areas, but are also present to return to the top once the Links fall through a hole in the ground. Often, there are Large Force Gems for the Links to collect in these areas.

Twilight Princess

Cannons are also found in Twilight Princess. In Snowpeak Ruins, there are Cannons spread throughout the dungeon. In order to use them, a cannonball must be found and brought to the Cannon. To fire, Link must put the cannonball into the Cannon, then place a Bomb into the Cannon for ignition. This will send the cannonball flying and destroying any ice object in its path, including Freezards.

Two Cannons can be found in the overworld which are used to transport Link between places. The first of these is Fyer's cannon, used to launch Link to Gerudo Desert, and the Sky Cannon, used to shoot him up the City in the Sky.

Phantom Hourglass

A Cannon also appears in Phantom Hourglass, but unlike in The Wind Waker, it is not obtained along with the Bombs. Instead, Link buys his first Cannon from Eddo's Garage for 50 Rupees. The other Cannons are obtained through the Ship Parts side quest. These Cannons do not use up Link's stock of Bombs. As such, they have infinite ammunition. In order to use the Cannon, the desired enemy must be tapped to shoot a cannonball at with the stylus. The Cannon can also be used to get the attention of Golden Frogs by hitting them with a cannonball.

Spirit Tracks

Practical Cannon.png

A Cannon appears in Spirit Tracks on the Spirit Train. The practical cannon is given to him by Alfonzo. There are different varieties of cannons Link can acquire throughout the game as well, by trading Treasures with Linebeck III at the Trading Post. Link can go to Alfonzo's house in Aboda Village to attach and switch Train Cars. The Spirit Train has a stamina of four Hearts, while two cars from the same set besides the Spirit Train's will earn five Hearts, and a complete set is worth six. The Golden Train has eight Hearts.

Skyward Sword

A Cannon can be found on Fun Fun Island. This is used to launch Link up into the air and begin a minigame. Another one can be found on the boat used to navigate the Lanayru Sand Sea.

Breath of the Wild

In Breath of the Wild, Cannons can be found and used around the Eldin Region around Goron City and Death Mountain. Each Cannon has a lever that causes it to rotate, allowing Link to aim it at different targets. They can be fired by placing a round Remote Bomb into it and detonating the Bomb. The young Goron Yunobo offers to act as a Cannon ball to chase the Divine Beast Vah Rudania into Death Mountain.[citation needed] With Daruk's Protection, he is able to do so without being hurt.

Other Appearances

Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love

In Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love, there is a Cannon on Page 1 which is used to take Tingle to Page 2.

Phantom Hourglass

In the Phantom Hourglass manga by Akira Himekawa, Eddo decides to give Link a Cannon for free if the hero can make him feel his need.[3] Link's scream convinces Eddo, although he has to construct a new one because the scream broke all the cannons.[4][5] Once the Cannon is complete, Link first uses it to explode an attacking Octorok. The Cannon is last used to keep Bellum at bay until Link slays the monster.[6]

The pirate Jolene uses Cannons on her ship to attack the SS Linebeck.[7] These Cannons are also used on Bellum so Link can defeat him.[8]


  • In A Link to the Past, the amount of cannonballs fired by Cannons depends on how many other enemies are active nearby; even in adjacent rooms. For example, if the enemies to in the rooms to the west of the Cannons in the Desert Palace are still alive, the cannonballs will only fire a total of four cannonballs at a time. Despite this, they will still go through the action of firing even when they do not launch a cannonball.
  • In Twilight Princess, if Link places a cannonball and Bomb into a Cannon and then stands in front of the Cannon barrel as it fires, he will die instantly.[9] If he wears the Magic Armor, 1000 of his Rupees will be depleted instantly, but he will survive. This is evident in Twilight Princess HD where Link has a larger wallet.


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