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This page is about the Camera items in Tri Force Heroes and Breath of the Wild. For the Camera item in Majora's Mask and The Wind Waker, see Picto Box.
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Main appearance(s)
Taking Pictures
Logging entries into the Hyrule Compendium (BotW)
Comparable item(s)

Cameras are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]

Location and Uses

Tri Force Heroes

In Tri Force Heroes, the Camera is received from the Photo Bro at the Miiverse Gallery. The Camera is used to take screenshots of Levels of the Drablands by pressing the 'X' button, which is then saved to the Miiverse Gallery's photo album after the Level's completion. Up to 99 photos can be saved to the photo album; the photos can be posted onto the Miiverse from the Miiverse Gallery,[note 1] and unwanted photos can be deleted from the photo album. The Camera cannot be used outside of the Drablands.

Breath of the Wild

In Breath of the Wild, the Camera appears as a Rune on the Sheikah Slate. It is an ancient piece of Sheikah technology.[2] It is obtained in the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab from Purah after bringing Blue Flame to the Ancient Furnace outside of the Lab. Link must place the Sheikah Slate into the Guidance Stone in the Lab to repair the Slate and restore missing files. Doing so will add the Camera Rune, the Album, and the Hyrule Compendium to the Sheikah Slate.[3] With the Hyrule Compendium, Link also receives the Sheikah Sensor +. After obtaining the Camera Rune, Purah asks Link to try it out by taking a Picture of her.[4]

The Camera Rune allows Link to take a Picture by pressing the 'A' button, which is saved to the Album.[5] Link can aim the Camera with either the right analog stick or the gyroscope. Link can zoom in and out by pressing up and down on the D-pad. Link can also quickly access the Album by pressing the minus button and take a Self-Portrait by pressing the 'X' button. While taking a Self-Portrait, Link can position himself in four different poses by using the left analog stick.

If Link takes a Picture of certain creatures, monsters, Materials, Treasure Chests, Ore Deposits, or pieces of equipment, it will be logged in the Hyrule Compendium.[6] After being logged, Link can view information about the subject in the Compendium or track it with the Sheikah Sensor +.

The Camera's Album comes with twelve Old Landscape Photos that were taken by Princess Zelda 100 years ago.[7] After obtaining the Camera Rune and speaking to Impa, she will instruct Link to go to each location in all of Zelda's Pictures to recover his Memories.[8] By visiting these locations, Link will experience a flashback of a Memory with Zelda where the Picture was taken.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Camera
Japan Japanese カメラ (Kamera) Same as English.
French Republic FrenchEU Appareil photo Same as English.
Federal Republic of Germany German Fotomodul (BotW) Photo Module
Italian Republic Italian Macchina fotografica
Fotocamera (TFH)
Scattaimmagini (BotW)
Same as English.
Image Capturer (BotW)
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Cámara Same as English.


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  1. The Miiverse service was discontinued on November 7, 2017.


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