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TP Link Hawk Grass.png
Link calls a Hawk using Hawk Grass in Twilight Princess
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Calls are a recurring mechanic in The Legend of Zelda series. They are sounds that summon a character, enemy, or Animal, typically a Mount or Bird.[1][2] A Call may also refer to the Instrument used to make the sound.[3] In some games, Bokoblins blow horns to call for reinforcements, or to alert their camp when they spot Link.

Calls made indoors fail to summon the callee, as they cannot hear them.[citation needed]


A Link to the Past

Main article: Flute

Link can play a tune on the Whistle to summon the Flute Boy's Bird, who can warp Link across Hyrule.

Ocarina of Time

Main articles: Epona's Song and Scarecrow's Song

Once Link escapes from Lon Lon Ranch with Epona, he can play "Epona's Song" to summon Epona from anywhere in Kingdom of Hyrule (but only as an adult). Link can play the "Scarecrow's Song" to summon Pierre.

Majora's Mask

Main articles: Epona's Song, Oath to Order and Scarecrow's Song

Link can play "Epona's Song" to summon Epona from anywhere in Termina. As in Ocarina of Time, he can play the "Scarecrow's Song" to summon Pierre. He must play the "Oath to Order" to summon the Guardians to Clock Town.

Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

Main articles: Dimitri's Flute, Ricky's Flute and Moosh's Flute

Link gains the ability to summon one of the three Animal Companions based on whose Flute he obtains.

The Wind Waker

Main articles: Servants of the Tower, Medli and Makar

In The Wind Waker, Link can Call nearby characters to have them follow him. This applies only to the characters on which he can use the Command Melody: the Servants of the Tower, Medli, and Makar.

The Minish Cap

Main article: Ocarina of Wind

Link can play a tune on the Ocarina of Wind to summon Zeffa, who can warp Link across Hyrule.

Twilight Princess

Main articles: Grass Whistles and Horse Call

Link can pick Grass Whistles and use them on-the-spot to summon an Animal – he cannot carry the grass with him. He whistles "Epona's Song" with Horse Grass to summon Epona. Hawk Grass summons a Hawk. Hanch is also seen using Hawk Grass.

At Lake Hylia, a Shadow Bulblin archer uses Horse Grass to summon the Twilit Carrier Kargarok.[4] After Wolf Link defeats the Shadow Bulblin, he can summon the Twilit Carrier Kargarok by sitting at the Hawk Grass spot and mimicking the Call with a howl. Once Link dispels the Twilight at Lake Hylia, howling at the Hawk Grass summons a Kargarok used to play Fruit Pop Flight Challenge.

Once her memory is restored, Ilia gifts a Horse Call which allows him to play "Epona's Song" anywhere.

Spirit Tracks

Main articles: Phantom Zelda and Song of Birds

When Princess Zelda or Phantom Zelda is following Link, he can Call her to his current location.[5] He can also play the "Song of Birds" to attract nearby Birds, including: Whip Birds, Doves, Crows, and Cuccos.

Skyward Sword

Main article: Monster Horn

Residents of Skyloft use finger whistling to call their Loftwing. On the Surface, Fi can use a telepathic signal to call LD-301S Scrapper.[6] The signal registers as short piercing noise.

Red Bokoblin leaders can summon more Red Bokoblins by blowing their Monster Horn.

Breath of the Wild


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