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Bully's Friend

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Bully's Friend
Main appearance(s)

The Bully's Friend is a boy transformed into a strange creature due to the Dark World's magic in A Link to the Past.[1]



The Bully's Friend was transformed into a ball-like creature when he came in search of the Triforce with the Bully, who was transformed into a monster. The Bully's Friend states that he took the form of a ball because he was always indecisive while in the Light World, and a round object came to reflect his inner nature.


Link finds him on top of Death Mountain where the Bully chases after him. He constantly runs away from him, but the Bully follows him and kicks him like a soccer ball. When Link wishes on the Triforce for Ganon's evil to be undone, all of Agahnim's wrongdoings are undone as well. As a result, Bully's Friend is transported back to the Light World. During the end credits, the Bully's Friend can be seen being chased by the Bully just outside of the Tower of Hera, both in their normal forms.


  • In the original version of the game, the Bully's Friend says "goro goro" which is a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of a rolling rock (the name of the Goron race originated from that same onomatopoeia).
  • The Bully's Friend's head is as round as the ball which he was transformed into.

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