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Breath of the Wild Translations/Characters

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The following page is a list of the names of every named character appearing in Breath of the Wild in every release of the game. Breath of the Wild has been released in the following languages: Japanese, English, Canadian French, European French, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish, European Spanish, Dutch and Russian.

  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular character in that language.


America and AsiaWestern EuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
Character Japan
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
Calamity Ganon 厄災ガノン (Yakusai Ganon)
Hestu ボックリン (Bokkurin)
Hylia 女神ハイリア (Megami Hairia)
BotW Ja Baij Model.png
Ja Baij
BotW Kam Urog Model.png
Kam Urog
BotW Kaam Ya'tak Model.png
Kaam Ya'tak
BotW Kass Model.png
カッシーワ (Kasshīwa)
BotW Keh Namut Model.png
Keh Namut
BotW King Rhoam Model.png
King Rhoam
Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule
The Last King of Hyrule
ハイラル王 (Hairaru Ō)
ローム・ボスフォレームス・ハイラル (Rōmu Bosuforēmusu Hairaru)
最後の王 (Saigo no Ō)
BotW Link Shooting Artwork.png
リンク (Rinku) Link Link
BotW Old Man Model.png
Old Man
老人 (Rōjin)
BotW Oman Au Model.png
Oman Au
マ・オーヌ (Ma Ōnu)
BotW Owa Daim Model.png
Owa Daim
BotW Wolf Link Model.png
Wolf Link
ウルフリンク (Urufu Rinku)
BotW Zelda Model.png
ゼルダ (Zeruda)

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America and AsiaWestern EuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
Species Japan
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
BotW Elma Model.png
コログ (Korogu)
BotW Oman Au Model.png
シーカー (Shīkā)

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