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TP Bread.png
Link picking up some Bread in Twilight Princess
Other media
Location(s) Hyrule Town (TMC)
Hyrule Castle Town (TP)
Sakado (TWoG)
Use(s) Finding Kinstone pieces (TMC)
Distracting Arpagos (TWoG)
Comparable Item(s) Bait
Scent Seeds

Bread is a recurring item in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]

Location and Uses

The Minish Cap

Main articles: Bakery, Wheaton and Pita

In The Minish Cap, the baker couple Wheaton and Pita sell various different types of pastries and Breads in their Bakery. Link can purchase them for a chance of finding a Kinstone Piece inside.

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, a salesman sells loaves of Bread in Hyrule Castle Town. However, Link cannot buy them because of their high cost, regardless of the number of Rupees that he has. He can briefly examine a Bread loaf, which causes the "Item found" theme to play.

Other Appearances

The Wand of Gamelon

Bread Icon CD-i.png

In The Wand of Gamelon, Zelda can receive Bread from Harbanno the baker in Sakado after she frees him from Tykogi Tower. The Bread he supplies are free out of gratitude, however, he will only supply one at a time. Bread is thrown to distract attacking Arpagos, which will flock to where the Bread was thrown to eat it.[2] The Bread will last for only a short period of time before it is eaten, after which the Arpagos will resume their attack. As Zelda can only carry one Bread at a time, she will need to visit Harbanno again to receive another.


  1. "You got some bread! It's hot and fresh from the oven!" — N/A (Twilight Princess HD)
  2. "Your friend Link could eat ten of these! [...] Hah! The Arpagos will die for them." — Harbanno (The Wand of Gamelon)