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Brazen Beak

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Brazen Beak
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The Brazen Beak is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

The Brazen Beak is located in Rito Village. Run by Nekk, this shop sells clothing designed for cold climates.

Wares and Pricing

Item Description Price
BotW Snowquill Headdress Icon.png
Snowquill Headdress
A Rito accessory made from snow-bird feathers. It's adorned with a ruby, a gem that harnesses the power of fire to make cold climates more tolerable. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 1000 Rupees
BotW Snowquill Tunic Icon.png
Snowquill Tunic
Lined with molted Rito feathers, this tunic was made by Rito artisans for Hylians visiting cold climates. The feathers are stacked in each layer to retain body heat. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 600 Rupees
BotW Snowquill Trousers Icon.png
Snowquill Trousers
The Rito sell these trousers to Hylians in Rito Village. The inside is lined with Rito feathers, so they excel at retaining body heat. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 550 Rupees


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