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ALBW Boy Model.png
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The Boy is a character in A Link Between Worlds.[1]


The Boy lives in Kakariko Village and can be found walking to the right of Sahasrahla's house. When Link is looking for Sahasrahla, the Boy will give him directions to his house.[2] After Osfala is captured by Yuga, the Boy will wonder where he has gone.[3]


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  2. "Hey, what are you doing? Looking for Sahasrahla maybe? The elder should be inside his house. Er, I think? I don't know an awful lot about Sahasrahla... Seems like the elder has been around since, I dunno, maybe forever?" — Boy (A Link Between Worlds)
  3. "I haven't seen the elder's pupil lately. He comes around to play now and then. But I wonder... Where's Osfala gone to?" — Boy (A Link Between Worlds)