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Bottomless Bog

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Bottomless Bog
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Comparable Object(s) Sinksand

Bottomless Bogs are environmental hazards in Breath of the Wild.[name reference missing]

Location and Uses

Bottomless Bogs are quagmires of marshy water found in various locations throughout Hyrule. If Link steps into a Bottomless Bog, he will begin to sink. If he sinks too deep, he will become fully submerged and reappear outside of the Bog.[1]

Enemies that fall into a Bottomless Bog will die. Similarly, any Materials, Weapons or Rupees that fall into a Bottomless Bog will sink to the bottom and become inaccessible, provided they cannot be retrieved with Magnesis. Due to being a body of water, Cryonis will work on Bottomless Bogs, providing one means of traversing the marshy terrain.


  1. "A quagmire that will draw you in... Sink in too deeply, and you'll be unable to escape." — N/A (Breath of the Wild)