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Bottle Grotto

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Bottle Grotto
Entrance to the Bottle Grotto
Location(s) Goponga Swamp
Game(s) Link's Awakening
Main Item Power Bracelet
Mini-boss(es) Hinox
Boss(es) Genie
Quest Reward(s)Conch Horn
Heart Container
Theme Music

Bottle Grotto is the second dungeon in Link's Awakening.[1] It is the resting place of the Conch Horn, one of the Eight Instruments of the Sirens. The entrance to this dungeon is located within Goponga Swamp,[2] north of the Mysterious Forest. This dungeon entrance is surrounded by swampy water fitting with the dungeon being named a Grotto, which is a cave located near a source of water and is prone to flooding, although no water can actually be found within the dungeon. BowWow is needed to enter, as the entrance is completely blocked by Goponga Flowers, which cannot be destroyed by using any of the weapons Link currently has available to him. The interior of this dungeon is mostly gray flooring and blue walls. The main tool of the dungeon is the Power Bracelet, which is required to lift the numerous bottles which the level is named after. It is necessary to defeat the guardian of the instrument, the Genie. The mini-boss is a muscular Hinox.

It is presumed that, as with all of Koholint Island, the Bottle Grotto came into being by the power of the deity known as the Wind Fish when he fell into an enchanted slumber that resulted in the creation of the island and all of its inhabitants. By some means, the Conch Horn, one of the magical Eight Instruments of the Sirens, was hidden within the bottle-shaped grotto and placed under the guardianship of the Genie, a boss that lives inside of a bottle. It thus plays an integral role in Link's quest for the instruments that lay hidden across the island.

Entrance to the Grotto

After returning from the Tail Cave, Link is informed that a group of Moblins has kidnapped Madam MeowMeow's pet BowWow.[3] Link goes to the Moblin Cave and rescues the dog from the Great Moblin and his henchmen. Link can then return BowWow to Madam MeowMeow, who insists that Link take him for a walk.[4] This is fortunate, as letting BowWow eat the Goponga Flowers blocking the entrance is the only way at this point in the game that Link can clear them away and access the Bottle Grotto. The pet does not follow Link inside, but will immediately rejoin Link if he leaves the dungeon.

Themes and Navigation

The mini-boss of the dungeon is a Hinox, who attacks Link by picking him up and throwing him across the room. The edges of the room are cracked and can collapse easily. The main tool in this dungeon is the Power Bracelet, which is necessary to pick up the bottles that block Link's way, as well as defeat the boss. The boss of the dungeon is the evil Genie[5] who guards the Conch Horn, the second of the Eight Instruments of the Sirens.

When looked at on the map, the dungeon is in the shape of a large jug, or a 'bottle'. Likewise, this dungeon houses a lot of bottles and the Genie boss also lives in a bottle, which adds to the overall theme. A few of the rooms are also dark and require Magic Powder to light the torches within. In addition, the dungeon features the first Crystal Switches in the game

After Link clears this dungeon and obtains the Conch Horn, he will then have to return BowWow to Mabe Village. Doing so will return BowWow to its home and Link cannot take BowWow for another walk. Doing this will make revisiting the Bottle Grotto dungeon impossible until the Hookshot, Boomerang or Magic Rod is acquired.

Enemies and Traps


In the French and Deutsche versions of the game, the Bottle Grotto (called Grotte du Génie) is named after the dungeon boss.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese つぼの洞窟 (Tsubo no Dōkutsu) Jar Cave
French-speaking countries French Grotte du Génie Genie's Grotto
Federal Republic of Germany German Djinn Grotte Genie Grotto



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