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Boss Remains

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Boss Remains
MM3D Odolwa's Remains Icon.png MM3D Goht's Remains Icon.png MM3D Gyorg's Remains Icon.png MM3D Twinmold's Remains Icon.png
Boss Remains from Majora's Mask 3D
Other media
Use(s) Instant access to boss rooms

Boss Remains are quest items in Majora's Mask.

Uses and Location

Boss Remains are Masks that imprison each of Termina's Four Giants.[1] When Link defeats a dungeon boss, he acquires one of the four Boss Remains and is transported to the Chamber of Giants, where he encounters one of the Four Giants. After starting a new three-day cycle, the remains allow Link to teleport to the boss room of each temple without having to navigate the entire dungeon again.[2] In Majora's Mask 3D, the Remains are not required for this; simply challenging the boss once will activate the portal, so Link can try again without having to go back through the dungeon. The Boss Remains represent the dark masks that imprisoned each of the Four Giants within the evil bodies of their respective captors.[1] Despite the fact that they are masks, the Boss Remains cannot be worn by Link. They are, however, worn by the Moon Children.


Odolwa's Remains

MM3D Odolwa's Remains.png

Odolwa is the masked jungle warrior boss of Woodfall Temple.[3] When Link cleanses the Woodfall Temple for the first time and acquires Odolwa's Remains, the first Giant is freed from his captivity and meets Link in the Giant's Chamber, where he teaches Link and Tatl the "Oath to Order."[4]

The child Inside the Moon that wears Odolwa's Remains will play Hide-and-Seek with Link in a Woodfall-themed dungeon with usage of the Deku Mask after he trades him one mask.

Goht's Remains

MM3D Goht's Remains.png

Goht is the masked mechanical monster boss of Snowhead Temple.[5] When Link cleanses the Snowhead Temple for the first time and acquires Goht's Remains, the second Giant is freed and meets Link in the Giant's Chamber, where he reveals the Giants' nature as protective gods.[6]

The child Inside the Moon wearing Goht's Remains will play Hide-and-Seek with Link in a Snowhead-themed dungeon with usage of the Goron Mask after he trades him two masks.

Gyorg's Remains

MM3D Gyorg's Remains.png

Gyorg is the gargantuan masked fish boss of Great Bay Temple.[7] When Link cleanses the Great Bay Temple for the first time and acquires Gyorg's Remains, the third Giant is freed and meets Link in the Giant's Chamber, where Tatl implores the Giants to intervene on behalf of the world on the condition that she and Link free the last Giant.[8]

The child Inside the Moon wearing Gyorg's Remains will play Hide-and-Seek with Link in a Great Bay-themed dungeon with usage of the Zora Mask after he trades him three masks.

Twinmold's Remains

MM3D Twinmold's Remains.png

Twinmold is the giant masked insect boss of Stone Tower Temple.[9] When Link cleanses the Stone Tower Temple for the first time and acquires Twinmold's Remains, the fourth and final Giant is freed and meets Link in the Giant's Chamber, where the Giants agree to help Link and Tatl but ask them to forgive the Skull Kid.[10]

The child Inside the Moon wearing Twinmold's Remains will play Hide-and-Seek with Link in a Stone Tower-themed dungeon for him to defeat in his Hylian form after he trades him four masks.

Non-Canon Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, Odolwa's Remains appears as a costume for Ganondorf in the Majora's Mask DLC pack.


  • Odolwa's Remains appear in Anju's Grandmother's story about the Carnival of Time. It is attached to the side of the festival tower.
  • The icon for Gyorg's Remains is not properly centered in the Quest Status screen in the Japanese 1.0 version of Majora's Mask.[11]



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TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
Odolwa's Remains Goht's Remains Gyorg's Remains Twinmold's Remains
Japan Japanese オドルワの亡骸 ゴートの亡骸 グヨーグの亡骸 ツインモルドの亡骸
French-speaking countries French Restes d'Odolwa Restes de Rhork Restes de Gyorg Restes de Skorn
Federal Republic of Germany German Odolwas Vermächtnis Triforce piece.png Gohts Vermächtnis Gyorgs Vermächtnis Twinmolds Vermächtnis
Italian Republic Italian Spoglie di Odolwa (MM3D) Spoglie di Goht (MM3D) Spoglie di Gyorg (MM3D) Spoglie di Twinmold (MM3D)
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Restos de Odolwa Restos de Goht Restos de Gyorg Restos de Twinmold
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