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Boss Challenge

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This article is about the mode in Ocarina of Time 3D. For the mode in Hyrule Warriors, see Challenge Mode.
Boss Challenge
OoT3D Boss Challenge.png
The Boss Challenge selection screen
Game(s) Ocarina of Time 3D
Feature(s)Allows Link to battle against every boss again except any form of the final Ganondorf fight

The Boss Challenge is a mode featured in Ocarina of Time 3D.[1] It can be accessed after Link completes the Forest Temple and returns to the Temple of Time to talk with Sheik. There, Sheik will mention that the young hero can now return to his house in Kokiri Forest to fight the bosses he has defeated up to that point.[2]


After defeating a boss, Link will have the option of battling against it once again. This can be done by going to his house and approaching his bed to have the option to go to sleep, which will allow the young hero to rest up and recover his lost health. From then, Link has the opportunity to fight against any boss he has already beaten.

In this new feature, battles will be timed, although they will still be played the same. However, Link will only have certain number of Heart Containers depending on the boss he is currently facing; for example, Link will only have 3 Heart Containers against Queen Gohma, 4 against King Dodongo, and so on. His inventory will also be limited according to what items Link has obtained up to the boss he is fighting, like in Ganon's Tower from The Wind Waker. Each time a boss is defeated during the Boss Challenge, the game will tally up the victory and show how many times that boss has been defeated as well as the record time.

Boss Gauntlet

After having completed the Spirit Temple, each boss in the Boss Challenge mode must be defeated one more time to unlock the Boss Gauntlet mode. In this mode, Link has to fight through every boss, one after another. The Gauntlet begins against Gohma with Link having five Heart Containers. At the end of each fight, the young hero has a chance to choose between two Treasure Chests that reward him with Deku Nuts, Bombs, Slingshot ammunition, the Longshot, the Hover Boots, an Empty Bottle, or a Heart Container.

Throughout the Boss Gauntlet, Link can only restore his life between battles by using any of the bottled items he might have with him during the current fight. The game will record the time it took to defeat all of the bosses after completing the boss gauntlet.

Treasure Chests

Boss Small Chest Large Chest
Gohma Bombs Deku Seeds / Deku Stick
King Dodongo Empty Bottle / Heart Container Deku Nuts / Empty Bottle / Recovery Heart
Barinade Empty Bottle / Heart Container Deku Nuts / Empty Bottle
Phantom Ganon Big Quiver / Empty Bottle / Longshot Heart Container / Recovery Heart
Volvagia Big Quiver / Hover Boots / Longshot Blue Potion / Recovery Heart
Morpha Heart Container / Hover Boots / Blue Potion Arrows / Poe Soul
Bongo Bongo Heart Container / Red Potion Deku Nuts

Master Quest Boss Challenge

In the Master Quest Boss Challenge, the bosses will cause twice as much damage to Link. The Child Link boss battles start the young hero off with 3 Heart Containers, while the Adult Link battles give him 5 Heart Containers to last through the challenge. Unlike the normal Boss Challenge, Link will not be able to recover his health at all.

The Master Quest Boss Gauntlet applies the same previous restrictions, with the addition that Link will only have 3 Heart Containers to last for the entire gauntlet.


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  2. "If you want to challenge the mighty foes you've defeated again, make for the bed in your childhood home." — Sheik (Ocarina of Time 3D)