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The Book of Seals, is an item in Oracle of Ages.[1]

Book of Seals
Book of Seals.png
Main appearance(s)
Getting the Fairy Powder


Location and Uses

The Book of Seals is found in Eyeglass Island Library in the Present. It is needed to solve the Invisible Floor Puzzle in the Library in the Past. Without the Book of Seals, Link cannot get the Fairy Powder.[2]


  Names in Other Regions  
Language Name Meaning
  EnglishUK Book of Seals
  Japanese ふういんの本 (Fūin no Hon) Book of Seals
  French Livre des Scellés Book of Seals
  German Siegelbuch Book of Seals
  Italian Libro dei Sigilli
Libro Sigilli  
Book of the Seals
Seal Book
  SpanishEU Libro de los Sellos perdido
Libro de los Sellos
Libro de Sellos  
Book of the lost Seals
Book of the Seals
Book of Seals



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  2. "Fairy Powder is locked away in back, but without another Book of Seals, no one can reach the powder." — N/A (Oracle of Ages)