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Book of Koridai

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Book of Koridai
Use(s) Defeat Ganon
Comparable Item(s) Wand of Gamelon

The Book of Koridai is an item in The Faces of Evil. It is a Koridian relic used to defeat Ganon.

Location and Uses

The Book of Koridai is a sacred relic of the island of Koridai. It is kept inside the Shrine of Koridai of the Glutko area, where it is guarded by the minion Glutko and dropped after he is defeated. The exact purpose of the book is unknown, but it is said to contain secrets,[1] and sacred power able to defeat and imprison evil.[2] The item is required to defeat Ganon,[2] which is thrown at him and defeats him in a single shot.

The Book is first mentioned by Aypo the reader in Nortinka, who offers Link to read its secret verse once he retrieves it. By reading the book, Aypo reveals that the Book of Koridai is the only thing that can defeat Ganon. During their battle in Ganon's Lair, Link throws the book at Ganon, which imprisons him inside its pages.


  • In The Wand of Gamelon, a book that appears identical to the Book of Koridai appears when Zelda uses the Wand of Gamelon to defeat Ganon. The wand creates a chain that wraps around Ganon before being similarly imprisoned in the book.


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